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WheatyBags full range of Wheat Bags, Microwave Warmers, Hot Water Bottles and Covers and Heatable Soft Toys all feature in an extensive range of fabric and colour choices as one of the largest collections of wheat bags in one web site.

Many Wheat Bags are UK Made to the highest standard you would expect from a UK Manufacturer. All the WheatyBags branded heat packs are made in Blackburn in the UK and have been made here since 2010. Wheat Bags feature heat packs for the Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain and so many Conditions and they all have a range of fabric and colour choices.

Our full catalogue can be filtered using the selections shown so you can narrow your selection of heat packs down to the exact item you are looking for. Simply use the filters to show you all Wheat Bags with a filling of your choice (Wheat, Cherry Stones, Linseed, Millet Seeds and so on) or filter down the products with optional or no lavender added to the filling. As all wheat bags work the same way, you might want to filter down the selections by shape - just ignore what we called the product and search for square heat packs or rectangular shaped ones or go for ones that are u-shaped to fit nicely around the neck.

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