About Us

WheatyBags® manufacture wheat bags and microwave heat packs here in the UK by our trading company Clear Prospects Ltd.

We are a business that's been cutting fabric and sewing products since 1999 and in 2010 we created our own brand of microwave heat packs for general comfort and warmth under our WheatyBags® brand name.

WheatyBags® have been tested to the voluntary UK Standard BS8433 as you will see on each product label, though the Director of the company who lead the certification also tested every item to the point of destruction to know in advance just how safe the heat packs can be.

We love feedback, both on the existing products sell, their size, shape and colours and also new ideas you may want based on your own needs for wheat bags. We thrive as a business on innovation and many new products have been developed through customer feedback so please do write a product review or contact us with your idea. Every contact made will reach the Director for consideration so thank you in advance.