Microwavable Heat Packs for Kids

Every child loves to be comfy and warm in winter and what better than a microwave cuddly toy or blanket and warmer to snuggle up to.

Heatable Toys are hugely popular as Christmas approaches but are sold year round for comfort and warmth as a popular gift idea for children.  We have selected toy heat packs from a vast range and supply only the best in quality and popular in choice based on many years fo feedback from our customers.

Other heat packs and warmers on our site, whether these be the WheatyBags® brand of heat packs, or our snuggly blankets or even traditional hot water bottles and covers can all be personalised.  You can add a name, the childs initials or perhaps a fun slogan or phrase that will make them laugh when they see your product.  It just adds an extra personal touch to their gift to make them even happier as the years go by.

All WheatyBags® toy heat packs are safety approved and have been made to the highest standard by one of the worlds leading manufacturers and our own brand WheatyBags® items of course have also been tested and certified.

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