Wheat Bags Microwave Heat Packs


WheatyBags® Brand of wheat bags are all UK Made and our quality is assured. We offer a vast range of sizes and shapes of heat pack that have a choice of filling though all work in very much the same way; heat them in the microwave following the safety tested and approved heating guidelines and place on your body for general comfort and warmth.

Wheat Bags have been available in the UK since the early 1990's though many suppliers have fallen by the wayside over the years. WheatyBags® Heat Packs are Safety Tested and we have printed the heating guidelines to meet the requirements and as such will provide a safe and gently warmed heat pack for your use.

Being made in our own factory we are in control of the quality of the wheat bags and have designed many ranges of size and shaped heat packs from rectangle as the most popular through to square heat packs and other more specialised heat packs like "U" and "T" shaped wheat bags which can sit on the body better depending on where you want the warmth to be targeted. Available in a range of fabrics and colour and many with a choice of filling, these heat packs will provide you with localised comfort and warmth where needed.

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