Wheat Bags Microwave Heat Packs


Wheat has been used as a filling for microwave heat pack wheat bags since they were first created, It's one of the most original and versatile fillings used for heat packs as it retains heat very well, has a large enough mass to keep warm and lasts time and time again on re-heating.

Being entirely natural, wheat is prone to giving off a moist dampness when the packs are first heated though this will dry up in time and stop being so moist. At WheatyBags® we can tell when it might have been a wet growing season when the wheat gives off more moisture than that from a dry season though no matter, the heat packs all work the same when wheat-filled.

We source our wheat from a Lancashire based grain merchant who has many decades of experience in sourcing wheat from many crop growers though their skill also lies in the way the wheat is cleaned for use in the WheatyBags® heat packs. They separate the wheat from the chaff to a much higher standard that you'd normally expect from a grain merchant and as such our heat packs won't have any unnecessary filling; it's just pure cleaned CE approved wheat at the highest standard.

At WheatyBags® we recognise that not everyone likes the smell of lavender and as such, almost all heat packs are made to order and offer you the choice of adding lavender or not. When we do add lavender, its genuine French Lavender Buds and an entirely natural product with a strong fragrance so if you like lavender, you will love WheatyBags®.

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