(47cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(33cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(49cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(47cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
(33cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
(49cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
(15cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(15cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
(40cm x 30cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(40cm x 30cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
(47cm x 22cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
(47cm x 22cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)

WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)

Average 4.9/5

UK Made

BS8433 : 2004

Natural Filling


The Value Range Heat Packs from WheatyBags® are a British-made microwave heat pack and designed to a classic rectangular shape.

  • Size options as shown online.
  • Wheat bag can be used hot or cold.
  • Natural lightweight fabric.
  • Cleaned, locally sourced, CE-approved wheat.
  • British Safety Standards compliant (BS8433).
  • Trusted WheatyBags® UK Made brand.

Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Value Range Rectangle Heat Pack from WheatyBags® is filled with a generous amount of triple screen cleaned, CE-approved wheat that is locally sourced. We offer this lovely microwave heat pack as a wonderful, low cost, no-frills option for those who are considering purchasing one of our wheat bags.

NB Fabric and Colour will vary depending on stock availability at the time - See FAQ's.


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Life savers - When arthritisi pain is bad these wind round the body front to back and help to deliver sleep when needed (Kathy D, 05/03/24)
Wheatbag - Good product thank you (Anne, 21/02/24)
Well made product - Exceptionally speedy service. Well made product. Takes longer than the stated time to heat them. Responsive customer service line (Ann, 16/02/24)
Nice size for children to use - Well made product and very responsive customer service (Ann, 16/02/24)
Well made product - Exceptionally speedy service. Well made product. Takes longer than the stated time to heat them and potentially, if we make a cover for it, the heat will be retained for longer . Responsive customer service line (Ann, 16/02/24)
Good value for money - Good value product, does what it says on the tin! (Eleanor, 31/01/24)
Just the job - Does what you expect. (Hill Walker, 30/01/24)
Boot pre-heaters - I use these to pre-heat/warm work boots before I put my size 12s in them. It works a treat. (BigFoot, 22/12/23)
Great warmers for cold weather - Perfect for keeping warm when temperatures fall. Low cost and comforting (Linda , 01/12/23)
Great warmers for cold weather - Perfect for keeping warm when temperatures fall. Low cost and comforting (Linda , 01/12/23)
Great warmers for cold weather - Perfect for keeping warm when temperatures fall. Low cost and comforting (Linda , 01/12/23)
Best for bedtime. Effective and easy to use! - I really like these. They can be wrapped around muscular aches and laid on. It is better and safer for bedtime than a hot water bottle or electric warmer. There’s no danger of shock or spillage. There is a useful permanent label which provides heating instructions. The bag gradually loses heat at the sort of point that you are medically advised to remove - which means you can simply relax and fall asleep without worrying! (Bernie, 31/10/23)
Really useful - These are so handy. We’ve used them to ease sciatic pain; sports injury; period pains etc, but also for our dog to cuddle up to when she’s cold or when her joint aches and pains kick in . (Barney, 10/09/23)
Great - Did what they said they would (Ian, 18/08/23)
Very pleased - Really happy with this wheat bag it is a generous size and it has retained it's lovely lavender smell over daily use. Would definitely recommend (Gillian Waterhouse, 19/05/23)
Wheatybags - As good as expected (Adam, 05/07/21)
Came up to expectations - Bought to experiment with warming neck to counteract stiffness. A very economical no frills purchase but I wasn't looking for frills. Did the job well and was a worthwhile buy.. (mikethesassenach, 04/06/21)
Excellent product! - Order was sent out very quickly and works as described. (Em, 24/04/21)
Great Wheaty Bag - Very pleased with thus item. Fast delivery. (Ann, 31/03/21)
Value wheaty bags - Great quality Warm up perfectly Great relief for my frozen shoulder (KATE WOOTTON-OSBORN, 30/03/21)
Relief for my neck ! - The large wheat bag has worked wonders on my sore neck. Two and a half minutes in the microwave and it's ready for use. I'm glad I chose the large one as it wraps around my neck. Very satisfied. (Michael Hankinson, 29/03/21)
Large Wheat Bag - This was ideal and works well. Mine is blue and has three sections but very comfortable. My only complaint was the code offering 10% discount on repeat orders was not accepted at checkout. I had previously bought a smaller wheaty bag and a 'long' hot water bottle (which is great). (Ted E. from Dunblane, 26/03/21)
Wheat bag with Lavender - Great product, made in Lancashire, good to buy local (Ian, 20/02/21)
Top Wheaty - Good quality and if you are not fussy on colour, then bargin price. (Mike Ra, 09/02/21)
WheatyBags for Warm Toes - Product arrived very promptly. I mostly use them to warm patients' toes and abdomens before or during acupuncture treatment: much easier than moxibustion - and no smell! However, if you or your patient is old or ill, be cautious about applying directly to the skin, because impaired nerves don't necessarily warn the brain before the skin burns. Always wrap the wheatybag first, and then if appropriate you can unwrap it as the body warms up. The instructions give the recommended microwave heating times which you should stick to until you have experience with the product. Leave it in too long and you may damage the wheatybag if not set it on fire! I prefer the wheatybags without added fragrance, but it depends what you plan to use them for. Even so, there is a slight odour when they come out of the microwave, a warm herby smell, especially after using the first few times. The wheatybags I bought are good for wrapping round whatever part of the body you are warming, but not being monster-size they do lose their heat over an hour or two. In bed, if you are well wrapped, they stay warmish for up to 5 hours. Don't re-warm a cooling wheatybag until it is quite cold because it is hard to judge how long to microwave it for when it remains warm. To me, this is a good product, easy and effective to use, and liked by patients. For me, the colour is immaterial. In the dark, who cares?! If it keeps the price down, using up end of line fabric, so much the better. (Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott, 30/01/21)
Very useful - as long as you have a good way to keep it in place. Beautifully easy to warm in a microwave. (PeterCom, 26/01/21)
Does the job - well. - Generously sized, well constructed and retains heat well. Perfect to relieve pain across aching shoulder and side of neck. Overall, distinctly good value. Recommended. (Deltabase, 21/01/21)
Neck warmer - Can be very comforting when warm. I haven't tried them cold. (Raynaud's sufferer, 22/12/20)
Great Value for money - Well made, good size, holds heat for long periods..all round good buy. (Carol, 12/10/20)
Good value - Good service and excellent value (Marilyn, 29/09/20)
My go to for a stiff neck - Fabulous wheat bags that really help ease any stiffness in my neck and shoulder. I even got one free when I bought this one - brilliant!! (J, 29/09/20)
XL rectangular heat pack - Had a couple of inferior (in quality, size and usefulness), fed up with them, so I bought two of yours. Brilliant service and product - worth the money. Will tell all my friends.. (Brian, 18/09/20)
I love wheat - Great to microwave 2 mins and then put around the neck. Ease of tension and pain. (Lou, 15/09/20)
Pain Relief. - I only wish I had got them ages ago. The joy of relief when putting a warm Wheaty Bag on my achey hip joints is indescribable. (Gareth., 08/09/20)
Wheat bag - Very happy with product (Christina, 12/08/20)
Good value - Better than the ones available on the high street. Great value. Good size. (MaryAnn)
just what I was looking for. - previous wheat bags had been too heavy, and had developed holes and "leaked". These are asensible size, easy to manage and perfect for my shoulderss/neck. service was first class score 4/5 Mjones. (mrs m.e.jones)
cosy in bed - I have used wheat bags for many years, but not from this firm. I was pleased to find WheatyBags because recent substitutes have not been so good, I guess the wheat is poorer. I like this one because it is quite substantial. I mainly use it as an alternative to a hot water bottle, so comfortable and easy to move around the bed, but also I use it for muscular pain. (Josephine)
Great rectangular heat pack - Well made and ideal for those sore necks and backs. (Brian)
Mr - Excellent service (Skipball)
My Sister thinks this wheaty bag is great. - Found the web site through Google search. Easy to view the range of products and place order. Very efficient dispatch and arrived promptly within the time frame specified. The product is just the job - concise instructions and quick heating in the microwave. Provides excellent warmth for old tired knees during this cold weather. (Stephen)
My husband lovesthese - My husband has a serious neck problem and I bought 2 of these wheaty bags (always keep a spare!). I chose the unscented ones and they are great. Exactly as described, good value and good service. Will be going back to the site to see what else there is (Twinkle)
Really helps my patients' neck problems - Went for the extra large wheat bags which sit perfectly around the neck and don't do any of the slipping that smaller ones can do. Arrived pronto. Great price. Properly filled. Next time I will also order slips to cover them. (Phil Davies)
Lifesaver - The wheaty bags are an excellant product, well made and do a wonderful jof at loosening me up, particularly in the mornings. Excellant for dodgy backs! One can feel immediate relief, (Margaret Smith)
A good replacement for a wornout wheatbag in a much loved neck outer cover. - My wife was keen to keep on using a neck outer that had a zip to keep the bag in and velcro to keep the outer in place around her neck. This bag has done the trick nicely. (Tony)
Wheat Bag - Extremely effective in bringing relief. (Alan Patient)
I like the wheaty bag - Just what I needed during this cold spell. (Margaret)
good value - Good value. Plain and simple with no perfume. Lightly packed enabling it ti encompass my cold feet sitting or in bed. (Korch)
Value cotton wheatbag - Good value item despatched quickly. Will use again. Recommended. Thank you (anonymous)
Wheat Bag - Does what it says on the bag - simple , efficient, and ultra-heat retaining. Better than a hot water bottle; just pop in micro-wave for 90 seconds and enjoy (Gary Thorn)
Great for aches and pains - Wheatbag has given me much needed relief to my back pains and aches enabling me to get a good nights sleep. (Maggs)
Good for aches and pains - Very good for any muscle aches and pains around the body, would be great if the lavender scent lasted longer. Mine no longer smells and only had it a month. (Becki)
Great little cushion - Brought this for my hubby to help ease his bad neck. It's absolutely perfect. The smell is of lavender is lovely, though not overpowering. It fits perfectly round the neck. Stays warm for ages too. Would definitely recommend this product. (Tracey Bradley)
This is a really good product - Bought 2 of these, one for my wife and one for an old friend, both of whom suffered neck pain. Both have said what a great relief this product gives and are extremely pleased with the result. No problems with order or delivery. (Pete)
Perfect wheatbag - Looking for a longer wheatbag and this one is just perfect. (Diane Gilmore)
Brought for autistic son - Arrived on time and my son loves the weight of it around his neck x (anonymous)
Amazing Product - I ordered 2 of these and we are both thrilled with them (Dawn Hornby)
does the job - This does what it says, what more can I ask for? The plain calico cover means we can all use pens to draw on them and make them our own too (louise baldwin)
I love my Wheatybag - I ordered this to aid my physiotherapy for my left wrist. It was not very flexible following an accident and I had to see a hospital physiotherapist who suggested some heat may help yo enable the wrist joint to be stretched. This works a treat and is now a part of my daily routine. (Elizabeth McCoach)
Very helpful for aches and pains - Very relaxing indeed. Easy to heat in microwave and retains heat for a decent time (Jude)
Good wheatbag - Good size and easy to use on neck (Anderson)
Does the job - Good delivery. Good product (Margaret Schofied)
Wheatybag - Bought for my dad who has a very bad back at the moment and is unable to take much in the line of medication. The heat is soothing and helps to relax his back. (Amark)
practical wheaty bag - i have been using the product for the last week on my neck, and found very usefull and alot more practical than a water bottle, the heating coming via the microwave and done in 1 1/2 minutes. practical and usefull and seems well made (stephen cole)
life saver - Brilliant. Use it every night now. Recommended by Anglesey Injury Clinic. Should have ordered the one with cover so i could wash it. So comfortable to use (ruth)
I am very happy with this product - The product is excellent (Gillian Rosen)
So comforting - I bought this as I have been experiencing a stiff neck recently. It is really warm and comforting. The Lavender perfume is lovely too. I'd certainly recommend this. (Pam)
Wheat a Relief! - At the recommendation of a friend to ease shoulder pain, purchased some wheat bags in the standard length. They have provided a lot of comfort and I would recommend them, too, now. (Sue Simmons)
Item found to be soothing. - Good value product which relieves pain. (Brian Monk)
Perfect. - Excellent value and very well made. Great customer service. This is really helpful for my painful lower back and leg. Stays warm for a long time. (Antonia)
Mum likes it - Easy website to order things, good update information, delivered as predicted, product of excellent quality, very pleased with purchase, would recommend (B.J)
my boy loves his bag - great product for using on my dogs painful joints as it moulds round legs very well .I have used on myself and it feels real soothing (dawn manjang)
wheaty bag - bought this for my daughter who was feeling cold in her rented house-she loves it and says it is especially good at keeping her feet warm! (anonymous)
Wheaty bag comfort - Delighted with this product. It smells lovely and really helps to ease the pain I have from tennis elbow. Great price too! (georgiered)
Rectangle wheaty bag - Bought the rectangle wheaty bag as I experience aching from repetitive strain. It is an excellent quality product with pleasant lavender scent, good price too. Customer service is excellent, quick dispatch. (anonymous)
Bought for granddaughter - Can't comment on this one,but had one similar they are great product to use better than hot water bottle,perfect.....thanks. (Robbo)
Does the job well - Nice size and works well (Maria)
My wife really likes this product. - The service was first class,quality and finishes second to none. Thank you,clive (Clive)
Great wheat bag - Wheatybag was easy to order from,quick delivery and my mum loves it with the lavender smell. (Wendy)
Wheatybag - Love the smell,the small noise it makes as it slides down inside the fabric. A good buy. (Patiencesue)
warm relief - Very good product perfect size for my stiff neck works a treat (anonymous)
cushion review - Pleased with the item, it does what it says. (mrs brenda hinton)
Good value - It is nice to warm up in microwave when I come home from work I have arthritis in my neck and it really relaxes those muscles (Julie)
love it - love this item had one years ago wore it out could not find one till my daughter found this site still doing a great job love it on the bottom of my back and my hubby keeps having ago showed my friend and she as got one for her sholder thanks wheaty bags (kathryn)
Perfect to de-stress after a busy day - I bought these as a gift for my husband & got one for myself too. The lavender in the cushion is divine and we both love the size as it can drape round your neck to ease tension & stress. Slept like a baby the first time I used it. I'd be happy with this as a Xmas gift! (MrsB)
Does exactly what it says on the tin! - Easy ordering and very prompt delivery even including a money of next purchase voucher. . The wheat bag cover is nothing flash - as you'd expect from a value range product - but it suits my needs perfectly! Would recommend this product - and site - and will definitely order again. (Karen Broadhead)
Wheaty bags - The wheaty bag is really good. It heats up really quick in the microwave and lasts for ages (Christine)
Very flexible - Knees, ankles (&feet) plus around upper arm muscles; very soothing (anonymous)
wheatybags - One word excellent (Jeanette)
great cushion - well made and smells lovely. (zoe hinds)
My Babies love their Wheaties - I have two Chihauhau's who get really cold, I cannot have the lavender bags as my husband gets really bad headaches from the lavender. These are brilliant without the scent. (Kate)
Winter warmer - Am pleased with my Wheaty bags price wise was very good & well made As the nights were beginning to get cold I was in need of a new bag the service was good & arrived on time after I have heated it I then place it in side a spare hot water bottle cover (ginger)
Neck cushion - Good service from order to delivery,thank you (Linda)
Just great for my wifes shoulders - My wife suffers from aching shoulders after a days work, the Wheaty Bag is perfect to ease the aching (Russell Nicholson)
Rectangle wheat bag heat pack - Had surgery six weeks ago wanted as an aid for pain relief and it really does work. Wonderful (Flossy)
Excellent value for money - Excellent customer service, advising of despatch etc & very good value for money (Helen from Dunfermline)
Good Product - Bought this WheatyBags as I'm still suffering from whiplash after 3 yrs. I find the heat from the Bag really helps before a massage. It is well made & really comfortable around my neck. Arrive quickly, would definitely recommend********** (Tanya)
bags more comfort.! - This is a great product and helps my aches on pains.. (Yvonne)
warm and wheaty - great product perfect size value for money (martin)
Getting it in the neck - For years I've had (and possible been) and pain in the neck. I still have, your WheatyBag isn't a cure. But it's a comfort and makes me feel loads better. Simple, straight forward to use, and above all - a comfort. (Colin Damp)
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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please take care heating this wheat filled product and be careful not to burn the contents inside. If you smell a burnt smell, the heat pack is best thrown away and a new one purchased.

  • Remove all tags and ensure the product is clean and dry before use.
  • Use the maximum heating guide (below) to determine the correct heating times.
  • Ensure all grilling / browning facilities are turned off and do not place near a direct heat source.
  • When first heated, the product will feel damp though this is quite normal and will stop after a few uses.
  • After this time we recommend placing a small cup of water in the microwave when heating.

In order to comply with BS8433 : 2004 we are obliged to tell you of the following.





  • Do not wash the heat pack with the wheat inside.
  • Only clean this part with a damp cloth.
  • Optional removable covers if available for this product can be removed and cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions label on the cover.
  • Asthma Sufferers should be aware this product contains wheatgerm.
  • In the event of overheating, let the item stand in a safe place and do not touch until cooled.
  • Dispose of in the normal household waste if worn or damaged.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Ensure that the microwave turntable can rotate freely.


  • Wrap the pack in a plastic bag (to keep it clean).
  • Place in the FRIDGE or FREEZER for 1-3 hours.
  • Remove from plastic bag before use.
  • Be cautious and check your skin to avoid any possibility of freezer-burn and use a towel on your body with the pack on top to avoid direct contact with the skin.


This product is entirely natural and easy to use. It is designed as a gentle warming or chilling product though it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to take great care not to over-heat or over-chill the product.

Please follow our heating and chilling instructions carefully and use your own judgment - if you are experiencing any discomfort from the pack then stop using immediately. If you want medical advice, please ask your Doctor.

Please do not machine wash this product or get it wet. If it becomes marked or dirty, please take good care not to wet the inner contents and wipe clean with a damp cloth.


How do the "Low Cost" or "Value" range heat bags differ to the standard range?
The Value Range heat packs from WheatyBags® are made from fabric and colours available at the time of manufacture though ALL the products are made to the same high standard from our brand. We use up fabrics left over from the main manufacture of other products from our sewing factory company and in our value range we simply don't offer you choice. Fabrics might be cotton, fleece, polycotton mixed fabrics and colours will vary depending on availability at that moment. It's a lucky-dip kind of product, or think of it as being very eco-friendly as we save wasting fabric cut-offs, though you are assured at all times of the WheatyBags® trusted brand manufacture standards.

Can I order a specific Fabric & Colour?
We offer a full range of fabric and colour choices in our standard and luxury range of WheatyBags® though just not on this value product. If you want a specific fabric or colour, have a look at All our Products or the "Related Products" below.

Are the Value Range heat packs safe to use?
Yes. All have been tested in the same way as our premium range and you can rest assured of the same safety standards used on all the products in the core WheatyBags® brand range.

Do these products come with heating instructions?
Yes. All instructions are on a sewn-on label and a card reminder label attached to the product in accordance with the safety standard guidance we follow.

Can the Value Range be personalised?

Are there other options I can choose from in the Value Range products?
All options you have are shown within the product. No other options are available other than those shown online when ordering to keep matters as simple and as low-cost as possible.

Is the Lavender Organic?
Yes. We purchase Organic Lavender from our Grain & Seed Merchant in the UK and they have sourced genuine lavender buds for our heat packs. This is not a scent, we add the flower buds from Organic Lavender for the most exquisite fragrance.

How long should the heat pack be put into the microwave or chill in the freezer?

Please read the “Instructions” shown on our website for each Product as the heating and cooling instructions vary by product. All our heat packs have been safety tested and come with instructions labels sewn into the product itself and on a card attachment to be retained for safe reference.

Is it normal that my heat pack feels damp when microwaving?

Yes. When you first microwave the heat pack the contents inside will feel damp. This will subside after a few heating cycles and is quite normal especially if you have selected the (polyester) fleece fabric covers. Cotton is much more absorbent and breathable and will lessen the initial damp effect. Do not overheat the wheat bag to attempt to dry it out.

What happens if I microwave the heat pack for too long or it burns?

Please be very careful not to overheat the heat pack. If overheated they can catch fire which is very dangerous. Overheating can be caused by food or contamination from your microwave so it is important that the microwave is clean before you heat the product.

If overheating occurs, remove it from the microwave and put it in a safe place while it cools (perhaps outside). Do not use again until the product has returned to room temperature. If it is giving off a 'burnt' smell or has small burn marks on the fabric, you have overheated the product and it must be disposed of being careful that the product is not actually burning. A replacement product would then have to be purchased.

Can I wash my Heat Pack?

Do not place the full heat pack in the washing machine or get the contents wet as it can damage the product. It is advised that you surface clean with a damp cloth or sponge to clean the product. If the product becomes wet then it needs to be dried out before the wheat inside germinates and we suggest placing the product in a warm room to dry at room temperature. If the wheat inside does germinate then we do not recommend that you use the wheat bag.

Can I purchase removable covers that can be washed for my heat pack?

On most of our products, you will see the option to purchase a removable cover for cleaning. If this is shown as an option then this cover is removable from the main heat pack and can be washed with like colours in the washing machine or by hand at a low temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.

Is it possible to warm the heat pack other than the microwave?

No. Our heat packs are safety tested to be exclusively heated in a microwave.

How do I fit a larger heat pack in my small microwave?

Some of our products are larger when flat than the size of smaller microwaves. It is ok to “loosley scrunch up" the heat pack lightly to fit into the microwave but is important not to fold the pack in half tightly as this can create hot spots when heating.

Are these heat packs suitable for young children?

No. We do not recommend that heat packs are given the very young children under the age of 3 years old. Adult supervision should always be provided and should only be heated by an adult with great care.

Are these products a medical product?

No. Clear Prospects Ltd manufactures WheatyBags® microwave heat packs which have been tested to safety standard BS8433:2004. We are not Doctors and our products are not medical products (our heat packs are simple microwave heat packs that provide warmth and comfort). If you are unsure about their use, we recommend you consult your doctor before using heat packs in general.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

Price Method Manufacture Time Delivery Time Est. Delivery Date
£4.99 2nd Class (Tracked) 0-2 Days
0 - 2 Days
2 Days (Mon - Sat)
2 Days (Mon - Sat)
Wed 29 May - Fri 31 May
Wed 29 May - Fri 31 May
£7.99 1st Class (Tracked) 0-2 Days
0 - 2 Days
1 Day (Mon - Sun)
Next Day (Mon - Sun)
Tue 28 May - Thu 30 May
Tue 28 May - Thu 30 May
£12.99 Royal Mail Special Delivery (Overnight Mon-Sat Pre 1pm) Today
Next Day (Mon-Sat)
Next Day (Mon - Sat)
Tue 28 May - Thu 30 May
Tue 28 May
£14.99 DHL Courier (Economy M-F Pre 6pm) 0-2 Days
0 - 2 Days
2-3 Days (Mon - Sat)
2 - 3 Days
Wed 29 May - Mon 3 Jun
Wed 29 May - Mon 3 Jun

More Information

Despatch 0-2 Days (Made to Order) or Upgrade for Overnight Delivery at Checkout
Brand WheatyBags®
RRP £5.00
Filling Wheat, Optional Lavender
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Gtin 5056656300037
Tariff Code 1001912020
Tariff Description Heat Pack - Common Wheat
Product Weight 200g [273g]
Product Dimensions 16 x 22 x 2cm
Product Options
SizeSmall 15cm x 10cm, Original 47cm x 12cm, Regular 33cm x 16cm, XL 49cm x 15cm, Rectangle 47cm x 22cm, XXL 40cm x 30cm
Fabric Colourfrom Stock Available
Aroma (Click to Select)Unscented, Organic Lavender Buds +
Product TypeWheat Bag
Warmers For > Microwavable Heating Pad
heating pad > microwavable heating pad
heat pack > microwave heat pack
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(47cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
750g [760g]
12 x 47 x 3.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(33cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
900g [974g]
16.5 x 23.5 x 5.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(49cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
1,100g [1,108g]
15 x 49 x 2.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(47cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
751g [761g]
12 x 47 x 3.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(33cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
901g [975g]
16.5 x 23.5 x 5.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(49cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
1,101g [1,109g]
15 x 49 x 2.5cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(15cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
200g [273g]
16 x 22 x 2cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(15cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
201g [274g]
16 x 22 x 2cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(40cm x 30cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
1,050g [1,060g]
40 x 30 x 2cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(40cm x 30cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
1,051g [1,061g]
40 x 30 x 2cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(47cm x 22cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available)
1,050g [1,058g]
47 x 22 x 2cm
WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)
(47cm x 22cm) (Varied Colours from Fabrics Available) Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
1,051g [1,059g]
47 x 22 x 2cm


WheatyBags® Value Range Heat Pack (Rectangles)

Average 4.9/5
Sales Badge - UK Made
RRP: £5.00


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