Works for me - Comfortable and supportive which is what I was looking for. Takes a little getting used to but it is worth it. I use it as a base with a second feather pillow on top. I'm already sleeping better than before. (CB, 18/10/20)
Present - bought for a birthday present and the person who loves it
Would recommend this product 100% (Katy, 16/10/20)
good - brilliant (sue, 16/10/20)
Heat helps - Due to back pain which often leads to shoulder/neck pain I have found this over the shoulder wheatybag to be very helpful (Lorna Mason, 16/10/20)
Heat helps - Having used the wheatybag for back pain I have found it brings temporary relief (Lorna Mason, 16/10/20)
wheat bags - just the job good buy (delboy, 16/10/20)
Neck pain - Excellent product and does wonders for a pinched nerve (Tara, 16/10/20)
Very good product - Great product (Carla, 15/10/20)
Very pleased - This is the second WheatyBag I've had and love them. Can think of no better recommendation than to say I wouldn't buy a wheat bag from anywhere else. Great quality and fair price (Jean , 15/10/20)
Wheat bag - Well made and works its magic. I've had a few heat packs like this one but this is my first from this company. Not sure how to rate it as yet but feed back from the recipient is positive. (Anne Marie, 15/10/20)
Wheatybag - Fabulous product and service (Hicks, 15/10/20)
Cosy neck bag - Using this bag for an hour in the evening has eased the tension in my neck. Very comfortable and comforting to use, especially with the fleecy cover (Lola, 15/10/20)
Excellent product - Looks good, feels lovely and very comfortable. Keeps the heat where you need it! (Andrea, 15/10/20)
Amazing! - Bought three shoulder and three yoga eye bags - we use them on our clients during treatments. All our clients love them. Soothing, relaxing and hits the spot!
Highly recommend (Peppermint Salon, 14/10/20)
Effective and relaxing - I've been using these for a few years now and they not only help alleviate my blepharitis, it's nice and relaxing to lie down for a few minutes with a warm eye mask on. I ordered more to replace some old ones and the new ones have nice smooth material. Highly recommended. (Dave K, 14/10/20)
Great for my staffie - I bought this for my 6 year old staffie who loves to be warm and cosy and she absolutely loves it. She curls up on it as soon as I put it down and sometimes bunches it up and uses it as a pillow. Would definitely recommend. (Jodie, 14/10/20)
Hand held bag - Great for a little gentle pain relief. (Peter, 13/10/20)
Purple Bag - Very pleased with the bag (Rich, 13/10/20)
Perfect - After sitting in front of a computer all day this is perfect for taking away all the built up tension in your shoulders. (Lotty, 13/10/20)
Shoulder wheaty bag - Really pleased with my neck and shoulder wheaty bag. Can also wrap it around my back and stomach area. Service was quick and super efficient. (Jane, 13/10/20)
Excellent product - excellent value - I am delighted with the T-shaped wheat bag - simple yet very effective design. Excellent value - I have used it every evening since I received it and have appreciated the benefits - also I am so pleased I added on the lavender. Thank-you (JenL, 13/10/20)
Great Purchase!! - 2 minutes in the microwave and it's ready to use. The cherry stones make it a lighter option than the wheat bags and give a lot of heat and comfort. Would definitely recommend. (Lynn, 13/10/20)
Wheatybags - Just what I needed, immediate heat effect with no danger ie from boiling water filled hot water bottles. (Salbee, 13/10/20)
Great product - Like the shape of this bag. Fits nicely on shoulders and down back or along one shoulder using the long side. (Jan, 13/10/20)