Essential for managing my pain - This is the second time I’ve purchased wheaty bags. The first ones lasted several years of daily use. This one is getting the same use both me and my husband gave back pain and use the bag to help relieve pain and stiffness. It’s quick to heat up in the microwave. The lavender smell lasted for a… (Linda, 12/05/22)
Essential for pain management - This is the second time I’ve purchased wheaty bags. The first ones lasted several years of daily use. It’s quick to heat up in the microwave. But Take care not to overheat in microwave as can get very hot as my husband found when he left it too long in microwave and the grains burnt and… (Linda, 12/05/22)
Perfect - Brought this for my dog back and she welcomes the warmth on her husband also uses it on his neck. It provides just enough warmth to be comfortable. But please make sure you comply with instructions! (Pickle, 12/05/22)
Excellent - Bought this for my mum who has significant neck pain. It is one of the one things to provide relief and has a lovely smell. Great product! (B, 11/05/22)
Wheaty bags - Good size for shoulder/ lower spine. Certainly eased pain. Happy with product. (Joanne D, 08/05/22)
Value for money - Value for money. Quick delivery. Safer than a hot water bottle. Happy with my purchase. (Keith., 04/05/22)
Comfortable - I've been very satisfied with the products I bought from WheatyBags, although I have some problems putting the cover on because of arthritis. The heat bags are also great. (C. Emmett, 02/05/22)
‘ wheat bags ‘. Could be improved. - Excellent product for easing tension in the neck and shoulders. (Patricia Sinclair, 27/04/22)
Brilliant - Really made up with this product. One I had bought some where else was just a bag and the filling kept going from one end to the other. With this having sections made it better. (Nanny, 19/04/22)
Quality product - Although slim, this wheat bag has a decent length and is also easy to mould around the area needed. (Happy , 14/04/22)
Quality product - Useful shape for neck and shoulder pain but, to make more effect, the front pieces need to hang more down the front of the body to keep it in place (so loses a star) (Happy , 14/04/22)
Quality product - I love the shape of this - so nice to snuggle down with in bed on a cold winter’s night. (Happy , 14/04/22)
Big Fan! - I'm a big fan of wheatybags, I have a couple myself that I use to ease various medical/health issues and I've gifted a few to friends who love them too, great quality product and they last for years! The first one I bought 9 years ago is still going strong with no noticeable degradation… (Mark, 11/04/22)
Happy customer - Bought for my son who has medical conditions and gets sore muscles and cramps and these have really helped when suffering a flare up. (Louise, 11/04/22)
Quick and Easy - This is far better than a tradition hot water bottle. In a few minutes it’s ready to use and no risk of scalding water. Love it (Lyn, 10/04/22)
best ever - excellent quality. (mrs. m ., 07/04/22)
wonderful - I was awaiting hip replacement surgery, and was uncomfortable virtually all the time. The wheat bag was invaluable for easing pain in my hip and thigh while I sat watching tv, or was in bed. Only trouble was it didn't, couldn't stay warm for hours! (Judith, 06/04/22)
Purchased as a gift - Bought this lamb for a friend who has lots of aches and pains and she absolutely loves it! She finds it very comforting and relaxing and uses it constantly (Liz, 06/04/22)
Such a great product! - Bought this for my sister as she is one of those humans that acts like a lizard and sits by a radiator. She loves it and it's so good having a larger sized cushion, perfect for going to sleep with or warming up a cold morning. (Ethan, 31/03/22)
Calm cats - These wheat bags are a brilliant way to settle cats down and also means you don’t need to keep the heating on all the time. Just 2 mins in a microwave and the cats settle down on them straight away and stay warm for a couple of hours. Make sure you buy the washable cover too. (M. Devey, 29/03/22)
good buy - works really well (Patricia Ferguson, 28/03/22)
Convenient - Excellent substitute for a conventional hot water bottle. 2 mins in the microwave and it’s ready to use and stays warm for a long time (Brian , 26/03/22)
john parkinson - i have found the wheat bag excellent (John Parkinson, 25/03/22)
Perfect - I love the simple, practical design of this wheat bag. Perfect for stomach cramps and lower back pains, it really does help relieve pain and make you more comfortable. Also great for something warm on a chilly day! (Ann, 12/03/22)