Excellent - I keep coming back to this company to purchase replacements or as gifts and have never been disappointed (Jude, 15/04/21)
Wonderful - More wonderful wheatybags, already in regular use, accept no substitutes, they are by far the best!! Tartan one was specially good (Kevin and Lyn, 15/04/21)
Excellent product - This was a replacement for one had for years which eventually wore out. (MG, 15/04/21)
Fleece wheat bag for neck and shoulders - Quick, efficient delivery. Smells great (lavender scent). I like the weight of it on my shoulders as it warms the area. Stays warm for a while. Very happy with the product. (Karen, 14/04/21)
Pain in the neck - Wonderful to be able to treat my neck pain with both heat and cold (Bill C, 14/04/21)
Excellent product - 5 (John , 14/04/21)
It is so good - I bought it for my partner .after he used it ,he said it was very helpful. (Guifen , 14/04/21)
Wheat bag - Very good. (Diane, 14/04/21)
Wheat bag for dog - The wheat bag and cover are great quality. I have used it to help my dog who has arthritis in her leg. She finds it comforting and sleeps well with the bag on her leg. I would definitely recommend this product. (Gale, 13/04/21)
Excellent - Lovely wheat bag , replaced one I burnt ( I have 6 !) (Katrina K, 13/04/21)
To be used - Will use when I next come home from work with a stiff neck after filling in spreadsheets all day - finally decided to have something to fit my neck , rather than moulding two what bags to suit ! (Katrina K, 13/04/21)
Be careful - I SET THE TIME FOR 4 minutes instead of 40 secs. No harm resulted except for the odour I had to throw it away fortunately I was supplied with a free one .I found the bag very soothing
And would recommend it (Elsie, 13/04/21)
Useful, lightly scented - I have used this for cold/ice treatment to a foot. It works well. The gentle smell of lavender is very pleasant. Might consider buying a bigger/different shaped one for shoulder use, heated in microwave. Haven't tried that yet. (MaggieMay1946, 13/04/21)
WHEAT BAGS HEAT PACK FOR DRY EYES - I suffer from dry eyes with uncomfortable dry "sleep" in my eyes, particularly in the mornings, Usually I need lots of warm water and flannels
An Eye Specialist friend suggested these-- and they work, brilliantly! (DR MIKE ROBERTS, 13/04/21)
Wheatybag lavender - Perfect for Grandmas achy shoulders , and smells lovely 😊 (Booboo, 12/04/21)
Wheat bag - Arrived as date promised and very satisfied has helped greatly each morning s back very sore each am (Cunners, 10/04/21)
Excellent - Bought after purchasing another item. Perfect size to fit around neck or across knees. Needed to have a washable cover - and this does so. (Henrietta Freeman, 10/04/21)
Wheaty bag - Love this , it’s a good size , cozy fleece cover , stays warm well into night ,a good delivery service . Excellent service would definitely recommend (Lindi, 09/04/21)
Excellent product and service - My original wheatybag had a wee hole in it - just one of those things as the replacement is spot on. The company were very responsive and replaced it straight away. My new one couldn’t be better - it is well made and really helping my sore back. Couldn’t be happier and would definitely recommend… (Ray, 09/04/21)
Lovely wheat bag - This is the 2nd one I have bought. Great size. Recommend. (jkmort, 09/04/21)
Fabulous soft and very helpful - Excellent quality and so very lovely. So glad I've found this site. These bean bags are so useful in size, not too heavy and keep warmth the perfect amount of time for my conditions. (Sally, 09/04/21)
Thankful! - Last bag was well used & long past sell buy date! This new is quite nice, a bit smaller than old one, but serves its purpose ...relieving dreadful leg cramps.
(Kate, 09/04/21)
Wheat bags - Love these bags - helps my sore back (Evelyn, 08/04/21)
Works perfectly - Does what it says it will and it’s a great size. Keeps warm for a long time. Easy to use on other parts of your body too! (SJ, 08/04/21)