Heatable Soft Toys


Heatable Soft Toys make for a wonderful gift for any child and adult alike. All Toy heat packs are easily warmed in the microwave and are produced from luxuriously soft fabric making them the perfect companion to cosy up to.

Each cuddly toy heat pack from WheatyBags® is scented with lavender which acts as a soothing and comforting aroma and all our heatable toys are safety checked and approved by the manufacturer and labelled accordingly.

Gifts for Children like these toys will last for many years and become the childs favourite friend especially given how snuggly and comforting they are whether you choose famous lovable characters like Bagpuss for the older kids or from a range of Pet Heatable Soft Toys or Cuddly and Cute Heatable Owl Toys or Plush Toys.

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