Period Pain


During their lifetime most women will experience the discomfort of period pain and WheatyBags® have a wide range of microwave heat packs designed for specialist pain relief.

The discomfort is usually felt as a painful muscle cramp in the lower abdomen which can occasionally spread to your back and thighs. Often it will appear as a constant dull ache but it can also come as painful intense spasms. The pain usually occurs when your bleeding begins and normally lasts between 12-24 hours.

Period pain is extremely common and it is suggested that around three quarters of young women and a quarter of adult women will experience pain and discomfort during their period. Whilst this pain is usually no more than a discomfort, one in five women experience the pain so severely that it can prevent them carrying out daily activities.

To ease the pain caused during periods it is often recommended to apply heat to the affected area. WheatyBags® stock a range of specialist heat packs designed to target specific areas of the body. Many of our customers have found comfort in using our pain relief heat packs to relieve period pain and similar ailments and we have collected them together in one helpful category.

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