Menstrual Pain


Menstrual pain is something that affects over half of women who have menstrual periods and we have a great range of microwave heat packs that provide soothing pain relief.

Typically menstrual pain consists of sharp stabbing pain in a woman’s lower abdomen that occurs when the period begins and often lasts 2-3 days.

The symptoms can range from mild annoyance to more severe pains that can interfere with day to day life. Despite most women only suffering from minor discomfort, 10% of women become physically disabled by the symptoms and are unable to continue as normal.

To relieve menstrual pains or cramps it is often recommended by GP’s to apply heat to the abdomen for comforting relief. Heat is an excellent alternative to expensive medicines and pain killers and is a totally natural way of relieving the symptoms of menstrual pain.

WheatyBags® have a range of heat packs that come in specialist shapes that have been used by customers in the past to relieve similar ailments. In this collection you can browse the unique designs to find the heat pack that is perfect for you.

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