Stomach Ache


A stomach ache is something that we all experience in our lives and WheatyBags® have a fantastic range of specialist microwave heats packs designed for pain relief.

Stomach ache is usually a cramp or dull ache in the abdomen area. It is very common and usually only a short term ailment that can be caused by a minor upset or bug. Whilst most stomach aches are nothing to worry about any severe abdominal pain should always be reported to a doctor who can advise the best course of action.

For general tummy aches and pains then one of the most recognised methods of relief is to apply heat to the problem area. WheatyBags® have a wide range of heat packs with specialist designs that are intended to treat specific areas of the body. The products in this range have been helpful in relieving our past customers of stomach aches and similar ailments and will hopefully supply you with soothing comfort and pain relief.

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