Neck Strain


Neck Pain Microwave Heat Packs offer effective neck pain relief, designed and manufactured in the UK, and compliant with BS8433 standards for peace of mind that these WheatyBags® are made to the highest of standards.

There are many causes of neck pain and, whilst it generally can be nothing to worry about, the discomfort that comes with it can prevent you from carrying on with your normal lifestyle.

Pain in the neck, or a stiff neck as it is commonly known can result from all kinds of day to day actions. Often it can come from bending your neck in an abnormal position, particularly during exercise or with something as simple as sleeping on too many pillows. Poor posture is often to blame for neck related injury and often it can be caused by something as simple as sitting in the cold for too long.

Quite often there is no obvious cause for the neck pain and your GP may refer to it as being ‘non specific’. The advice is generally to continue your life as normal as possible and contemplate the various pain relief methods to get you through the discomfort.

Heat has often been cited by GPs and medical experts as an effective source of pain relief. By applying heat to the problem area it is known to reduce pain and is a great alternative to taking medication, which can be costly and cause side effects.

The products in this section have been recommended by customers who have suffered from neck pain and similar ailments in the past, with the intention of providing soothing warmth and pain relief.

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