Back Pain


Back pain is a common ailment that affects the majority of people at some point in their life. The pain can often feel like an ache, tension or stiffness in the back area.

Back pain can be easily brought on through bad posture, bending or sitting awkwardly or incorrectly lifting objects. Whilst it can be very uncomfortable back pain is not usually as a result of any serious disease and in most cases can be healed within 12 weeks through different pain relief methods and keeping active.

One of the more effective ways to combat back pain is the use of hot and cold treatments. Some people find that applying heat to the problem area can help relieve the pain. Similarly applying something cold to the back can also have a soothing effect and often it is recommended to alternate the two treatments to maximise their effectiveness.

The heat packs in this WheatyBags® section come in varied designs and shapes that are intended for use in problem areas such as the back. Our specialist shapes are loved by our customers who have suffered from similar ailments in the past and found relief through microwave heat packs, whether used hot or cold, it’s your choice.

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