Shoulder Pain Relief


Shoulder Pain Relief can be sought from wheat bag heating pads for Shoulder Pain Relief and they are usually fairly large due to the size of the area where the shoulder pain can travel. Heating Pads like Wheat Bags send a warming heat into the shoulder area and provide an element of pain relief though one thing to consider when choosing your wheat bag would be its size and shape.

WheatyBags Shoulder Pain Relief Wheat Bag is large in size and square shaped or the rectangle shaped version and covers a large area of the upper shoulder, forming itself to wrap around the shoulder rotator cuff and also spread the contact area down to other parts of the shoulder like the shoulder blade.

Any shape and size of wheat bag could be used and, no matter what they may be called by product name all tend to work the same way, just heat in the microwave and place onto the shoulder area usually on top of clothing in case they feel a little hot at times.

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