Back Pain Relief


Back Pain Relief can come from Back Pain Heating Pads and WheatyBags are UK Made Wheat Bags that can be warmed in the microwave for relief of all kinds of back pain including upper back pain, lower back pain or left-hand side and right-hand side back pain relief.

Many people use microwave wheat bags for pain relief and, although we have a good selection of heat packs that we have called the "Back Pain Relief" product, we should tell you that what's more important is to select the right shape of heat pack for your own use. The name of the heating pad doesn't really matter, whether this is the Upper Shoulder & Back Pain Heat Pack or one of the more traditional shaped rectangular-shaped wheat bags like the Large 40cm Heat Pack or the Upper Neck & Back Pain T-Shaped Heat Pack; they all work the same.

No matter which size or shape wheat bag you choose, consider are you sitting down to use the heat pack (in which case any shape will be ok to use depending on the size of the area you want to cover on your back pain area) or if you prefer to have a heat pack you can wear around the lower back pain area like the Wearable Heat Pack.

If you feel the back pain you have is very targeted like those suffering from lower left back pain or lower right back pain then the wearable heat pack or any of the larger square or even rectangular shaped heat packs may be great for your back pain relief.

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