Classic Bottles


Classic Bottle Shaped Warmers bring back memories of traditional water filled hot water bottles and them being too hot in bed and then cold when I woke up. Of course rubber hot water bottles remain popular though there are now alternative microwave heat packs available to use as an alternative, but reminiscent warmer.

Made here in the UK under our WheatyBags® brand name, we supply bottle shaped heat packs and hot water bottle covers in many fabrics and colour choices. Adding a personalised gift message to the cover adds and element of fun or surprise to your gift where you can add a name, slogan or simply the persons initials to their bottle shaped gift.

Microwave heat packs tend to be a safer option for many elderly customers to help avoid the need to using hot water and filling a rubber bottle, some care homes these days even ban the use of hot water filled bottles as customers still believe it or not fill with boiling water from the kettle (highly not recommended !) so why not buy a safety tested heat pack which has clear heating instructions on the product itself for a safe, warming and comforting gift idea.

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