Wheat Bags - Upper Neck & Back (T-Shaped) Heat Pack

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WheatyBags - Upper Neck & Back Pain (T-Shaped) Heat PackWheatyBags - Upper Neck & Back Pain (T-Shaped) Heat Pack
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WheatyBags - Upper Neck & Back Pain (T-Shaped) Heat PackWheat Bags - Back and Shoulder pain relief heat pack sits on the shouldersWheat Bags - Upper Neck and Back Pain Heat Pack from WheatyBagsWheatyBags Upper Body T Heat Patch for Back Pain and Sciatica (Navy Polycotton)WheatyBags Upper Body T Heat Wrap for Cramp and Stomach Ache. (Red Polycotton)WheatyBags Upper Body T Wheat Wrap for Nerve Pain. (Natural Cotton)

Our T-Shaped Heat Pack is designed to provide comforting pain relief for those suffering with neck and shoulder pain and upper back pain.

It has been designed and manufactured in the UK and is compliant with the heat pack BS8433 standard.

Choose from a range of colours and fabrics, or even personalise one with a name and a message.

  • T-Shaped Professional Microwave Heat Pack for upper neck & back pain relief.

  • Sits on the upper shoulders and can wrap around the neck.

  • 43cm x 39cm size.

  • Approximate weight 1250 gms

  • Cleaned, CE-approved wheat.

  • Internal stitching keeps the wheat in place.

  • French lavender option.

  • Can be personalised.

  • UK Made.

£14.95  + delivery from £2.50
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The WheatyBags Upper Neck & Back Pain Microwave Heat Pack provides relief for neck and shoulder pain and has a unique T-shaped design that can wrap around the neck, shoulder and upper back providing comforting pain relief.

During the design and testing process, we found that this heat pack was able to effectively target the upper neck and back area due to its large surface area and elongated design. This wheat bag sits securely on the upper back regardless of whether you're lying down or seated upright. This allows you to fold the two flaps inwards to target those hard to reach areas across the neck.

This heat pack is filled with triple screen cleaned, UK-grown wheat that is also CE-approved. We've taken care to seam the wheat bag into six separate compartments, which keeps the filling evenly distributed. This improves heat retention and ensures your heat pack stays warm for the necessary amount of time.

Your safety is crucially important to us here at WheatyBags. As a leading UK manufacturer of microwave heat packs for pain relief, our wheat bags have undergone the necessary testing to ensure compliancy with British Safety Standards (BS8433).

Your bag can be customised to your liking via an assortment of premium quality fabric and colour options. They can also be personalised with a name or message of your choice making them the perfect gift for a loved one who is suffering from neck and shoulder pain. For those that enjoy the therapeutic benefits of lavender, we also offer a gorgeous Provence lavender option.

Please see the "Order" tab for a full list of optional extras, including a removable cover option and super saver multi-buy offers.

How long should the heat pack be put into the microwave or chill in the freezer?

Please click on the “Instructions” tab online or the labelling on the product on arrival.

Is it normal that my heat pack feels damp when microwaving?

When you first microwave the heat pack the contents inside will feel damp. This will subside after a few heating cycles and is quite normal. Do not overheat the wheat bag to attempt to dry it out.

What happens if I microwave the heat pack for too long or it burns?

Please be very careful not to overheat the heat pack. If overheated they can catch fire which is very dangerous. Overheating can be caused by food or contamination from your microwave so it is important that the microwave is clean before you heat the product.

If overheating occurs, remove from the microwave and put in a safe place while it cools. Do not use again until the product has returned to room temperature. If it is giving off a burnt smell, or has small burn marks on the fabric, you have overheated the product. Please throw away the heat pack being careful that the product is not burning. A replacement product would then have to be purchased.

Can I wash my Heat Pack?

Do not place the full heat pack in the washing machine or get the contents wet as it can damage the product. It is advised that you surface clean with a damp cloth or sponge to clean the product. If the product becomes wet then it needs to be dried out before the wheat inside germinates and we suggest placing the product in a warm room to dry at room temperature. If the wheat inside does germinate then we do not recommend that you use the wheat bag.

Can I purchase removable covers that can be washed for my heat pack?

On some of our products you will see the option to purchase a removeable cover for cleaning. If this is shown as an option then this cover is removable from the main heat pack and can be washed with like colours in the washing machine or by hand at a low temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.

Is it possible to warm the heat pack other than the microwave?

No. Our heat packs are designed to be exclusively heated in a microwave.

How do I fit a larger heat pack in my small microwave?

Some of our products are larger when flat than the size of smaller microwaves. It is ok to “scrunch” up the heat pack lightly to fit into the microwave but is important not to fold the pack in half tightly as this can create hot spots when heating.

Are these heat packs suitable for young children?

No. We do not recommend that heat packs are given the very young children under the age of 3 years old. Adult supervision should always be provided and should only be heated by an adult with great care.


600w - 750w RATING - 3 MINUTES

800w - 1000w RATING - 2.5 MINUTES

TO USE COLD: Place the item inside a plastic bag and then in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours.

Please take care heating this wheat filled product and be careful not to burn the contents inside. If you smell a burnt smell, the heat pack is best thrown away and a new one purchased.

  • Remove all tags and ensure the product is clean and dry before use.
  • Use the maximum heating guide (below) to determine the correct heating times.
  • Ensure all grilling / browning facilities are turned off and do not place near a direct heat source.
  • When first heated, the product will feel damp though this is quite normal and will stop after a few uses.
  • After this time we recommend placing a small cup of water in the microwave when heating.
  • In order to comply with BS8433 : 2004 we are obliged to tell you of the following.





    • Do not wash the heat pack with the wheat inside.
    • Only clean this part with a damp cloth.
    • Optional removable covers if available for this product can be removed and cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions label on the cover.
    • Asthma Sufferers should be aware this product contains wheatgerm.
    • In the event of overheating, let the item stand in a safe place and do not touch until cooled.
    • Dispose of in the normal household waste if worn or damaged.
    • Store in a cool dry place.
    • Ensure that the microwave turntable can rotate freely.
    Pain The neck and shoulders Wheaty Bag works well covering all the places where I have the worst pain. My only concern is in keeping it clean my old one had a cover I could take off and wash
    14th May 2017 by Lisa
    A natural comforting product It is practical, microwaveable, easy to use repeatedly, comforting when you need it and reassuring as a stand by.
    6th May 2017 by Raymond Monbiot
    Just the job We've had one of these for a while and have replaced it as a microwave malfunction damaged it. Highly recommended. Stays warm for a long tims. Great for back and shoulder pain.
    26th April 2017 by Mike Gibson
    NECK AND SHOULDER MUSCLE RELEASE A quality British product in smart Navy blue. Unlike cheap wheat bags, this is divided into sections which keep the wheat spread out evenly. Wonderful heat release for tight neck and shoulder muscles, particularly before massage and stretching. A new friend in my life!
    20th April 2017 by Yvonne
    Does what it says on the tin Firstly, I was impressed with the ease of ordering, the speed of despatch and ongoing communication keeping me advised of progress. The product arrived exactly as described and has worked a treat, it fits well and the warmth is very comforting. However (sorry) I really dislike the wheaty smell (I know, who would have thought, a what's bag smells of wheat). If you like the smell of lavender go for that option, I just do n to like that particular smell. Will I continue to use it? Absolutely, it is great, just dislike the smell.
    11th April 2017 by Mike M
    The best wheaty bag ever This product has been life changing for me. It's absolutely amazing. It keeps its heat for longer then any other wheat bag I have hadand it smells good too. After having bad whiplash this has helped me no end. The customer service is also something to shout out about. What fantastic friendly professional people. I will never buy one from anywhere else but here.
    7th April 2017 by Chandra Chevannes-Diggins
    Love it Only had my wheaty a few days, but the help it has given me so far is good, I feel so much better after using it.
    9th March 2017 by Jen
    Great product This is a very well made product which is easy to use and provides quick relief.
    4th March 2017 by
    Excellent product! I'm really happy with my T-shaped heat pack. It's exactly the right shape and size. It really eases the muscles prior to stretching exercises to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain.
    27th February 2017 by Karen
    nice I love it does it relaxes my back muscles
    23rd February 2017 by paula collins
    Perfect gift! My partner suffers with a bad back and neck so I purchased a neck and back wheat bag. He said it is the best he has ever had and really helps with his aches after a hard day. I had it personalised to add a little bit extra to his gift! Highly recommended. I also purchased one too and used the special offer
    16th February 2017 by Sue Claek
    good product After purchasing a magnetic neck brace from a different company which was a total waste of my money, I'm so impressed with my wheat bag. It's really soothing and relaxing. I can feel my shoulders un winding when using it.
    11th February 2017 by Pixie lou
    Upper neck and back T shape wheat bag I have had several wheat bags from you and they are very well made .This is the 1st of this particular shape and I would say the only downside is the neck is slightly too short and if I am wearing a jacket ( I use the wheat bag when working on the computer in the office )it tends to not reach around far enough and the weight in the back makes it slide down constantly.
    25th January 2017 by lou
    Lavender scented wheat bag scores! I bought my wife a lavender scented wheatbag as a surprise because she had been suffering from some aches & pains. She loves it! Heats it up and takes it to bed. Been helping her neck and shoulder pain! Peace at last!
    18th January 2017 by Rick Webb
    Better than the NHS You can't go wrong with these and they have NO side effects. Unlike most pills/tablets. Great for all those aches and pains. Good for those long car rides as well ALL muscle related pains and stiff joints
    11th January 2017 by Barneysbull
    perfect perfect for my back and shoulders, arrived quickly and easy to use
    5th January 2017 by silvana
    Great shaped bean bags. I bought the 'T' shaped bean bag and I have found it to be very easy to use and very comforting for a stiff neck. The lavender smell is also very pleasant.
    11th December 2016 by
    Love this product Very well made and very comforting when warmed for my neck pain. Good supplier and quick delivery. recommended.
    10th December 2016 by Patricia Roberts
    Fabulous Design! Bought for my mum who suffers with joint pain, in particular neck n shoulders. The bag sits perfectly when sitting (armchair/sofa) without being too heavy or bulky. The heat is just right and the stitching keeps the filling in place. Would highly recommend :)
    5th December 2016 by Wefster
    Great relief this has been. Purchased Wheat bag -Upper neck heat wrap & Back pain heat pack for my Wife who is suffering acute pain in neck and shoulder and it has given her much relief since she has been useing it. Thank you will order some more soon.
    2nd December 2016 by Margaret Hill.
    Fantasic for neck and back pain! Absolutely love this product, excellent size for easing aches and pains in the neck and back.
    29th November 2016 by Jess
    beautifully made I'm very pleased to have found this wheat bag. I suffer from neck and shlder pain and warmth really helps to take the edge off, but the usual wheat bag you find is annoying, because the grains fall to the end of the bag. My new wheat bag is so comfortable, the warm wheat grains are held in place, and the shape of the bag covers the neck AND shoulders. I would recommend to anyone. It's very well made, and it's a great comfort.
    18th November 2016 by jackie
    A brilliant wheaty Bag purchase After being in a serious car accident last year I am still having problems from my neck, shoulders and upper back. My physiotherapist suggested a Wheaty bag and after using this product for a couple of weeks, my symptoms are much better. When using the Wheaty bag which covers my neck, shoulders and down my back, I am able to do my exercises much easier and the heat gives me comfort at the same time. It is easy to use only taking 2 minutes in the microwave and the heat generates for at least an hour before needing to heat again. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs relief with heat on any symptoms.
    9th November 2016 by Mary
    Excellent for an achy back/neck This was recommended to me by a massage therapist as I have a very stiff upper back. The wheaty bag is a wonderful way of easing the ache away.
    22nd October 2016 by Claire F
    Excellent Buy Wheaty T Bag is fab, covers the areas I need being looked after, ie: neck area and upper back, comfortable and sits well. Very happy.
    10th October 2016 by JoCe
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