- 37cm x 27cm - Colour from Stock Available End of Line Value Fabric
- 37cm x 27cm - Colour from Stock Available End of Line Value Fabric Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)

Wheat Bags Shoulder & Neck Heat Pack (Value Range)

Average 4.9/5

UK Made

BS8433 : 2004

Natural Filling


The Value Range Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack from WheatyBags® is a microwave wheat bag made in the UK and is designed to offer maximum coverage across the top of the neck and shoulder area.

  • U-shape heat pack for exceptional coverage.
  • Can be used hot or cold.
  • Locally sourced, CE-approved wheat.
  • Fully safety compliant with BS8433.
  • Scented and unscented options.
  • Trusted WheatyBags® UK Made brand.

Made in the UK, the Value Fabric Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack from WheatyBags® is generously filled with triple cleaned, locally sourced wheat that is CE-approved. Expertly designed to a coverage maximising U-shape, the Value Range Neck and Shoulder is a convenient, no-fuss wheat bag intended for both comfort and relaxation.

NB Fabric and Colour will vary depending on stock availability at the time. Our Value Range heat packs from WheatyBags® are made to order from fabric and colours available at the time. We cannot guarantee the colour or fabric as we use up the end of line fabric rolls to make these heat packs. If you would like a specific fabric and colour, please order from our standard ranges where you have a full choice available.


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Michael - Works well, eases stiff shoulders and aids relaxed sleep (Michael, 29/07/21)
Good quality and value for money - Perfect wheat bag used for shoulder aches. (Nikki S, 03/06/21)
Heatbag - Great product in giving relief from shoulder and neck pain (Annemac, 05/03/21)
Wheaty bags - The two value bags arrived very quickly. Although I didn’t mind what colour I had they turned out to be lovely tartan fleece. Great help for painful shoulder and neck. Such a warm comfort. (JJ, 01/03/21)
Wheaty Bags - Really pleased with this item it really does the trick of relieving my aches in neck and shoulders. Would definitely recommend. (Val, 20/02/21)
Good product - Loveky item - really does the trick - and the lavender enhances the use of this item (Kate, 19/02/21)
wheaty bags - I have used it a couple of times and find it helps my shoulder and neck pain (Sheila, 10/02/21)
Wheat Bags Neck and Shoulder - Very good quality product. Easy to pop into the microwave for 2.5 minutes and instant relief for tight neck muscles and an ongoing shoulder problem. Very good value. (Julie, 30/01/21)
Fabulous - Great neck collar, sits firmly on shoulders. Lovely lavender fragrance. Would recommend. (Dee, 30/01/21)
Neck & Shoulder Pack - Easy to use but care needs to be taken as it is very hot initially and should not be used on bare skin (Alan Methven, 28/01/21)
Just the Best - An excellent product delivered quickly that works beautifully. (Honor, 29/12/20)
Review - Nice product. Buying another (Cathy, 17/12/20)
Shoulder warmer - Arrived promptly and looked as expected (Marilyn , 15/12/20)
Perfect - Perfect for my fibromyalgia just what I need ,makes pain bearable (Cheryl, 08/12/20)
Wheat bag - I have found this product very useful.it gets very warm and lasts for a good time (Phil, 29/11/20)
Just the Job - Highly recommended. When the wheat bag is laying on a cushion around my neck the heat given out is very relaxing. The bag stays warm over a long period of time. (roger, 21/10/20)
Fantastic wheat bags for stiff necks - I bought this after I trapped a nerve in my neck and it really helped loosen up my neck and shoulder. Great quality bag as always. (J, 29/09/20)
Wheat bags for neck shoulder and back. - Goods received promptly. Clear instructions for use. Works as described and simple to do. (Jeanette, 25/09/20)
Wheaty bag - Absolutely love mine I’m recovering from a broken collarbone and these works wonders helps with the pain. Highly recommend (Mel , 24/09/20)
Shoulder pain heat pad - Bought this for my dad who has injured his shoulder, he finds it so soothing and really helps ease his pain, as it fits over his shoulders he is able to walk around without fear of it sliding off (Nelly, 22/09/20)
Neck and shoulders bag - Spot on - thanks (Andy, 01/09/20)
WheatyBags - Excellent product, used as a heat treatment for a painful neck and during hot and cold treatment for a painful foot. (John, 29/08/20)
Wheat bag - Excellent and lovely fragrance (April, 24/08/20)
Wheatybag - Quick delivery. Does what it's supposed to do (Ann S, 23/07/20)
Relief - Love these wheaty bags so useful for all kinds of aches and pain and not expensive (Happy chappy, 16/07/20)
Wheat bags neck and shoulder - Very useful. Quick to heat and easy to wear. Really helped when I had a very painful shoulder and neck (Diane Brown, 16/07/20)
Great product! - Does as described, do not heat for longer than stated... great for neck and recently my husbands leg as heat compress (Williams , 14/07/20)
Heat Pad - Does what it says on the box. Stays warm for quite a long time. (Orlando, 13/07/20)
looks good - all is fine with item thank you (aclarke, 12/07/20)
pleasantly surprised - cosy fit and good quality (anonymous)
My Grandpa says this is superb for him - This is the best wheaty bag I've had having used various other products over the years Excellant for side/back and shoulder use. Would recommend this product without question (Monty)
Perfect to help relieve the stress ! - Great service, perfect product to relieve daily tension in neck and shoulders (Helen)
Present - Haven't used yet as brought for a present, smell lovely nice weight and arrived quickly . (Kim)
Wheat heat bags. Great for shoulder pain - I ordered these as the one I had was too small. This one is great I can wear it whilst in the house and it stays put. Thanks he size and shape means it fits comfortably around your shoulder and stays there. My old one used to fall off if I moved at all. A great product (Nettie)
It's exactly what I wanted - Very efficient and speedy service from start to finish. The product is exactly what I expected and wanted and I'm very pleased and happy with my purchase. Thank you very much (Jayne M)
Perfect! - Excellent value and very well made. Great customer service. This is really helpful for my painful neck and shoulders. Stays warm for a long time. (Antonia)
J. Jones - Product as decribed. Excellent for aching shoulder and neck muscles.A first class product. Really pleasant staff also,I ordered by phone. Thank You. (J)
A Wonderful Pain Reliever - I now have two of these excellent products and cannot give enough credit to them I suffer from terrific pain in my shoulder but to sit with one of these Neck and Shoulder Bags on it gives almost instant relief Monet well spent and the service given by the company is first class (David Morvan)
Perfect! - Good product and good service. Plenty of filling in this bag and it fits snugly around the neck and shoulder area. (Mrs T)
Dual purpose. - I bought a bag that went over my neck and shoulders because I was suffering after a car crash. The relief has been so beneficial, the lavender smell is a delight, and today the physio suggested I use it support my neck while I am travelling in a car. A brilliant idea as I have a long journey coming up soon. (Sally)
Great Product - I have problems with my neck and shoulder and this wheatybag is great. A couple of minutes in the microwave and then drape it round my neck, it brings such wonderful relief. Would highly recommend. (Christine)
mom thinks its great - bought for my mother who suffers from spondylitis and this heat pad gives her relief as it is at the top of spine and shoulder would recommend (jeanette yardley)
Money worth spent - I bought this for my fiancee as she has neck and hand problems it seems to have worked a great thanku for your product (Stephen)
Customer Service Review of Value Range Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack - Offering exceptional value for money, this Neck and Shoulder heat pack is ideal for those looking for a no frills, no fuss microwave heat pack. Designed to a coverage maximising U-shape, this wheat bag can be used to target areas across the neck and shoulder area. If you're not fussed about colour, then this heat pack is the one for you. We choose the colour for you, depending on what we have available at the time of purchase. Rest assured, this heat pack is filled with a generous amount of premium quality, locally sourced wheat and offers outstanding heat retention. I recommend the Value Range Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack to those who need a no hassle, low cost wheat bag from a reputable manufacturer. Buy with full confidence. (Lance Plachciak)
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600w - 750w RATING - 3 MINUTES
800w - 1000w RATING - 2.5 MINUTES

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please take care heating this wheat filled product and be careful not to burn the contents inside. If you smell a burnt smell, the heat pack is best thrown away and a new one purchased.

  • Remove all tags and ensure the product is clean and dry before use.
  • Use the maximum heating guide (below) to determine the correct heating times.
  • Ensure all grilling / browning facilities are turned off and do not place near a direct heat source.
  • When first heated, the product will feel damp though this is quite normal and will stop after a few uses.
  • After this time we recommend placing a small cup of water in the microwave when heating.

In order to comply with BS8433:2004 we are obliged to tell you of the following.





  • Do not wash the heat pack with the wheat inside.
  • Only clean this part with a damp cloth.
  • Optional removable covers if available for this product can be removed and cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions label on the cover.
  • Asthma Sufferers should be aware this product contains wheatgerm.
  • In the event of overheating, let the item stand in a safe place and do not touch until cooled.
  • Dispose of in the normal household waste if worn or damaged.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Ensure that the microwave turntable can rotate freely.


  • Wrap the pack in a plastic bag (to keep it clean).
  • Place in the FRIDGE or FREEZER for 1-3 hours.
  • Remove from plastic bag before use.
  • Be cautious and check your skin to avoid any possibility of freezer-burn and use a towel on your body with the pack on top to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Our products will have a sewn-in Care Label giving you guidance on Care and Washing this Product. In summary however, they will contain the following instructions though please do refer to the specific label on your individual item for the latest information:

  • For 100% Cotton, 100% Polycotton & 100% Polyester Fabrics (eg Fleece).
  • Remove the outer cover if supplied before carefully cleaning.
  • Do not wash or get the inner wheat or other filled heat packs wet.
  • Warm hand or machine wash and cold rinse.
  • Wash with like colours max. 40 degree temperature.
  • For best results, lay flat on a suitable surface to air-dry.
  • Do not bleach.
  • 1 spot iron (Cotton / Fleece) or 2 spot iron (Polycotton).
  • Do not tumble dry.


How do the Value Range heat packs differ to the main WheatyBags®?
Our Value Range heat packs are made very simply from fabrics we have available and made in bulk ready to sell at the lowest possible cost to you. The value fabric tends to be slightly thinner than the premium outer (normal) fabric we use though remains strong, natural and suitable for purpose and keeps costs as low as possible for you. The fabrics we use tend to be left-over fabrics from larger trade jobs so the fabric usually will be either cotton or polycotton or polyester, and the colours vary from our core and non core fabrics so there is no guidance we can give you on which fabric and colour you will get for your order. All we can say is they will be great value and a great product as you will trust from the WheatyBags® brand.

Are the Value Range heat packs safe to use?
Yes. All have been tested in the same way as our premium range and you can rest assured of the same safety standards used on all the products in the core WheatyBags® brand range.

Do these products come with heating instructions?
Yes. All instructions are on a sewn-on label and a card reminder label attached to the product in accordance with the safety standard guidance we follow.

Can the Value Range be personalised?

Are there other options I can choose from in the Value Range products?
All options you have are shown within the product. No other options are available other than those shown online when ordering to keep matters as simple and low cost as possible.

Is the Lavender Organic?
Yes. We purchase Organic Lavender from our Grain & Seed Merchant in the UK and they have sourced genuine lavender buds for our heat packs.  This is not a scent, we add the flower buds from Organic Lavender for the most exquisite fragrance.

How long should the heat pack be put into the microwave or chill in the freezer?

Please read the “Instructions” shown on our website for each Product as the heating and cooling instructions vary by product. All our heat packs have been safety tested and come with instructions labels sewn into the product itself and on a card attachment to be retained for safe reference.

Is it normal that my heat pack feels damp when microwaving?

Yes. When you first microwave the heat pack the contents inside will feel damp. This will subside after a few heating cycles and is quite normal especially if you have selected the (polyester) fleece fabric covers. Cotton is much more absorbent and breathable and will lessen the initial damp effect. Do not overheat the wheat bag to attempt to dry it out.

What happens if I microwave the heat pack for too long or it burns?

Please be very careful not to overheat the heat pack. If overheated they can catch fire which is very dangerous. Overheating can be caused by food or contamination from your microwave so it is important that the microwave is clean before you heat the product.

If overheating occurs, remove it from the microwave and put it in a safe place while it cools (perhaps outside). Do not use again until the product has returned to room temperature. If it is giving off a 'burnt' smell or has small burn marks on the fabric, you have overheated the product and it must be disposed of being careful that the product is not actually burning. A replacement product would then have to be purchased.

Can I wash my Heat Pack?

Do not place the full heat pack in the washing machine or get the contents wet as it can damage the product. It is advised that you surface clean with a damp cloth or sponge to clean the product. If the product becomes wet then it needs to be dried out before the wheat inside germinates and we suggest placing the product in a warm room to dry at room temperature. If the wheat inside does germinate then we do not recommend that you use the wheat bag.

Can I purchase removable covers that can be washed for my heat pack?

On most of our products, you will see the option to purchase a removable cover for cleaning. If this is shown as an option then this cover is removable from the main heat pack and can be washed with like colours in the washing machine or by hand at a low temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.

Is it possible to warm the heat pack other than the microwave?

No. Our heat packs are safety tested to be exclusively heated in a microwave.

How do I fit a larger heat pack in my small microwave?

Some of our products are larger when flat than the size of smaller microwaves. It is ok to “loosley scrunch up" the heat pack lightly to fit into the microwave but is important not to fold the pack in half tightly as this can create hot spots when heating.

Are these heat packs suitable for young children?

No. We do not recommend that heat packs are given the very young children under the age of 3 years old. Adult supervision should always be provided and should only be heated by an adult with great care.

Are these products a medical product?

No. Clear Prospects Ltd manufactures WheatyBags® microwave heat packs which have been tested to safety standard BS8433:2004.  We are not Doctors and our products are not medical products (our heat packs are simple microwave heat packs that provide warmth and comfort). If you are unsure about their use, we recommend you consult your doctor before using heat packs in general.


The information below is for guidance. Actual delivery costs and dates depend on the delivery address, weight and time your order is placed. Cut-off time for Overnight Orders is 12 noon.

Price Method Manufacture Time Delivery Time Est. Delivery Date
£4.99 Royal Mail 2nd Class (Tracked) 0-2 Days 2-3 Days Mon 22 Aug - Thu 25 Aug
£6.95 Royal Mail 1st Class (Tracked) Tomorrow Next Working Day Mon 22 Aug
£12.20 DHL Courier (Economy M-F Pre 6pm) 0-2 Days 2-3 Days Mon 22 Aug - Thu 25 Aug
£14.99 Royal Mail (Special Delivery Overnight M-F Pre 1pm) Tomorrow Next Working Day Mon 22 Aug
£15.29 DHL Courier (Overnight M-F Pre 6pm) 0-2 Days 0-1 Days Thu 18 Aug - Tue 23 Aug
£17.99 Royal Mail (Special Delivery on Saturday Pre 1pm) Tomorrow This Saturday Sat 20 Aug
£34.99 Royal Mail (Special Delivery Overnight M-F Pre 9am) Tomorrow Next Working Day Mon 22 Aug
£39.99 Royal Mail (Special Delivery on Saturday Pre 9am) Tomorrow This Saturday Sat 20 Aug

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Despatch 0-2 Days (Made to Order) or Upgrade for Overnight Delivery at Checkout
Brand WheatyBags®
RRP £9.99
Filling Wheat, Optional Lavender
Country of Origin United Kingdom
SKU FGWHE018(W)(37cmx27cm)MVA-MIX
Tariff Code 63079000
Tariff Description Heat Pack - Other Made Up Articles
Product Weight 980 g
Product Dimensions 27 x 37 x 2cm
Product Options
SizeApprox. 37cm x 27cm
FabricAny Fabric
Fabric ColourFrom Stock Available
Aroma (Click to Select)Unscented, Scented (Organic Lavender Buds) +
Product TypeWheat Bag
Warmers For > Microwavable Heating Pad
heating pad > microwavable heating pad
heat pack > microwave heat pack
heating pad > shoulder heating pad
Wheat Bags Shoulder & Neck Heat Pack (Value Range)
- 37cm x 27cm - Colour from Stock Available End of Line Value Fabric
980 g
27 x 37 x 2cm
Wheat Bags Shoulder & Neck Heat Pack (Value Range)
- 37cm x 27cm - Colour from Stock Available End of Line Value Fabric Scented (Organic Lavender Buds)
981 g
27 x 37 x 2cm


Wheat Bags Shoulder & Neck Heat Pack (Value Range)

Average 4.9/5
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Sales Badge - UK Made
RRP: £9.99


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