Intelex Warmies Hooty Owl Heatable Soft Toy Microwave Heat Packs

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WheatyBags Intelex Warmies Hooty Owl Heatable ToysWheatyBags Intelex Warmies Hooty Owl Heatable Toys
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Intelex Warmies Hooty Owl Heatable Soft Toy Microwave Heat Packs come in a range of super cute owl designs and are the perfect bed time companion.

  • Fully microwavable.
  • Scented with soothing lavender.
  • Choose from different styles and fabrics.
  • Easily warmed in minutes.
  • Conforms to BS8433 standards.
£11.95  + delivery from £2.95

The Hootys microwave heat packs are super cute cuddly toys that can be easily heated in the microwave.

The toys are scented with dried lavender and you can choose from a range of soft fabrics and colours.

Do these microwave toys come with lavender ?

Yes. Each heat pack comes with lavender as standard and there is no option to remove it.

What are the contents inside the heat pack ?

Each supplier uses their own content and each may vary.  Typically a toy heat pack may be filled with wheat, millet, other seeds or even silica so if this is important to you to know in advance, please select the toy you are interested in and contact us to ask for the precise contents before placing your order.  Each item will be clearly labelled on each toy.

Can I wash the heat pack toy ?

Each manufacturer we use for the toy heat pack have their own special instructions that will come supplied with your product.  As a guide all the heat packs can be sponge cleaned with a damp sponge being careful not to get the contents wet, though some of our suppliers allow machine washing.

What are the covers made from ?

Typically all heat pack toys are made from polyester though please look at the labelling that will be supplied with your product to be sure.  If you have any concerns or want to know for sure in advance of your purchase please contact us before placing your order.

How long do I heat the product for ?

Please see the Instructions tab on our web site or refer to the manufacturers instructions that will be clearly labelled on the product you purchase.

Do you offer size and colour options on these products ?

All options are shown to you when ordering the product.  If non are shown then all information you may need about the size and colours will be shown in the description text on our web site or images shown otherwise, there will be no options to select from.

Are these heat packs suitable for toddlers ?

The manufacturer of these items says that they should not be used by children under the age of 3 years at the time of writing.  Adult supervision should always be given when in use with children.

This product is safety tested by the manufacturer and has important heating instructions attached to the product when we send it to you.

  • Please refer to the manufacturers heating instructions provided with your product.
  • Please retain the heating instructions and follow them very carefully.
my granddaughter loves it <p>Warm cuddly owl is a big hit</p>
13th April 2018 by
Fabulous product <p>My nieces absolutely loved these and so do I, they're very soft and smell amazing.....everyone's happy :-) </p>
27th December 2017 by Curly K
Great Christmas present <p>I bought the owl heat pack as a present for my sister and she loved it. It is a good size and feels well put together and very warm (the most important bit of course!)</p>
26th December 2017 by Chris
Super <p>super</p>
14th April 2016 by Mary B
My grandchildren loved their owls <p>The hooty owls were perfect for my grandchildren and they both loved the colours. They are like cuddly toys and are perfect for them to snuggle up to when they go to bed. They are well made and safe for small children</p>
18th February 2016 by Sharyn Gibb

I thought these owls would be quite small but they were not- so good for the 3 and 6 year old to nestle up to when needed. (now I have to order for my grown up daughters and the other two grandchildren-7 and 9 year old- as well as myself.) I also ordered the shoulder leg knee square but I have "lost" that to one daughter already! Obviously I would recommend these products.

6th June 2014 by Owlies
Adult birthday present

I bought this for my friend as a birthday present, and as far as I know she is delighted with it. I must commend the speed with which it was delivered. I ordered it on the Sunday afternoon and it was delivered in Scotland on the Wednesday, friend's birthday.

24th February 2014 by Ratkins
These owls are great

I bought an owl for my daughter for Christmas and I was so impressed that I bought another for my mum. They are well made, smell great and the delivery is speedy. I would highly recommend them.

31st December 2013 by Mackky D
fantactic owl

this fantactic hot water botle is brillent for bedtime

22nd November 2013 by thea reynolds wall
Warm Hugs

These little Owls are perfect on a cold night, when your not feeling yourself or if your mussels are a bit tight. They are just a cute as they are useful.
Prefect pick me up.

13th March 2013 by M.Strong
Prezzie for my Grand-daughter

My granddaughters bedroom has two of the weather walls of the house and is consequently cold, even though there is central heating so I bought her a lovely HootyOwl Wheatbag and she is delighted with it as she takes it to bed with her and cuddles it. Both of us were delighted with the product which is marvellous and I was impressed how quickly it was delivered.

12th March 2013 by Patkin
Adorable Hooty

I bought this little chap/chapess to use when we are feeling a bit under the weather or have the chills. He/she warms up quickly and makes us smile every time we use him/her. A great product.

6th March 2013 by Helen
Ideal Xmas prezzie

Bought the pink & brown hooties for my children. They are lovely as cuddly toys & great for warming their beds when it's cold. They are so much safer than hot water bottles and I like the fact that you can control how hot they are. I put one in for 50 sec just to warm it slightly for my youngest. I think these are a fantastic idea and great that they double as cuddly toys. 

4th January 2013 by Manchesterlass
Granddaughter loves her Owl

I bought this wheaty owl for my Granddaughter's Christmas who is 3. She has an owl cushion which lives on her bed. This soft and cuddly owl will also be a warmth when she has any aches or pains or simply wants something warm and cuddly at bedtime. Wonderful gift!!

13th December 2012 by Grannie Annie
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