Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat Pillows are organic in their nature and used to make British Made Buckwheat Pillows under the WheatyBags® trusted brand name.

Buckwheat husks (or hulls as they are more commonly known) are used to make for example, pillows for sleeping where a firmer and more natural support is needed and support is to be given to the neck area and head and they really help to avoid stresses also on the shoulders. Buckwheat Pillows are typically heavier than normal fibre of feather filled pillows and offer a more firm and supportive pillow for sleeping. Your new buckwheat pillow can be moved around so that each time you use it for sleeping, you nestle your head into the self-forming shape which makes for a perfect sleeping pillow.

As all our buckwheat filled products are made to order, we offer a filling weight (height) to make sure that if you are purchasing a buckwheat filled product, it is the best it can be for you or the person receiving it.

Buckwheat filled products make for a very unique gift idea though as you may have come to expect, as a UK Manufacturer, we can personalise your product with your name, initials or a slogan to make for the best buckwheat filled gift idea.

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