Dry Eyes


Dry eyes are a common cause of eye irritation and discomfort and can be caused by numerous different factors and many of our customers have expressed great satisfaction with our WheatyBags® brand of microwave heat packs . Though dry eyes are not generally a serious problem, a daily cleaning routine is said to be established in order to mitigate the discomfort from having dry eyes.

Though it mainly affects older people, dry eyes can also be symptomatic of those who suffer from inflammation and blockage of the eye lid glands. Problems associated with the eye's tear film are also a leading cause of dry eyes, as these tear films are said to be responsible for keeping the eyes protected and lubricated.

Clear Prospects Ltd manufactures WheatyBags® microwave heat packs which have been tested to safety standard BS8433:2004. We are not Doctors and our products are not medical products (our heat packs are simple microwave heat packs that provide warmth and comfort to the area in use on the body). If you are unsure, we recommend you consult your doctor before using heat packs though we would appreciate any comments you have on the above in order to share the results with new customers we have seeking news on the use of heat packs.

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