WheatyBags Heat Packs - Now BS8433 Approved

Our WheatyBags® brand of microwave heat packs have passed the stringent British Safety Standards test BS8433 which is absolutely great news.

After rigorous testing, all our own branded microwave heat packs have been deemed totally safe by an independent 3rd party testing house and can now proudly carry the BS8433 : 2004 logo which is a respected symbol in terms of safety for heated products.

Over the past few months we have submitted all our British made microwave heat packs to be thoroughly checked by professionals so that we could assure our customers they are purchasing a totally safe and great value product. As with any heatable product, there is the general worry of overheating so it is so important to provide reassurance that heat packs are safe and if the heating guidelines are followed, there is no danger of burning.

When browsing the website you will now see the new logo on all our products to signify the passing of BS8433 : 2004 and act as a symbol that all WheatyBags products are great for comfort and pain relief and, most importantly are totally safe.

It is interesting to note that legally we are not obliged to have our products tested to this standard. We subjected ourselves to this tough process all in the name of your safety and confidence so we appreciate your continued support in Buying British from WheatyBags.