SSL True Business ID with extended validation

What on earth does that mean above and the new green bar on our checkout you may ask ?

Clear Prospects Ltd is the company that runs this web site and as such it is important that all our customers feel secure using their credit card online. As a company we take this seriously and of course your cards and data is totally secure; you will see the padlock bottom right of the site when you get to checkout, you will also see that we use SAGE PAY as one of the worlds leading card payment providers, and we don't even store your card details for extra security on our servers.

The latest method of validation that you may have seen on the major online players (Argos, Play, John Lewis etc) is the green bar at the top of the checkout. You will see the "https://" showing the web checkout is on a secure server but now you will start to see green bars as more and more retailers prove they are who they say they are.

The green bar or "Extended Validation" is a method whereby we as a company have had to prove to GeoTrust (one of the leading global providers of web security) that we own the web domain name of this online shop, that we actually run the shop you are buying from here, and that we really are the company that you think you are dealing with. We only get to use the green bar method of validation having gone through hoops of validations and today we can announce we that we can display the green bar and our company name Clear Prospects Ltd.

Best of all is when you get to the checkout process, you can see the logo on our cart and click it... this logo isnt just an image, it is actually a live icon that shows our registration number and validity dates for the certification... and it calls this information off the GeoTrust web site not our own so you really do know we have been verified.

So many 3rd party hoops that we as a shop are happy to jump through to make sure you as our customers are totally safe and secure with your payments on our web sites. You'll be seeing a lot more green bars now I've explained the process and retailers prove they are who they say they are.

The green bar is now live on all our checkouts at thejetrest.com / wheatybags.co.uk / happysnapgifts.co.uk and for trade orders online at clearprospects.com