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<p>We thought we wanted a wheat bag in the shape of a cushion, but then found the ones shaped like an old hot water battle, and ordered one, and we get a second free. We paid for standard delivery and we were kept updated (by email) on progress of the order up until dispatch, and then the order arrived quicker than expected. </p> <p>The wheat bags are exactly the same to use as any other, except the cover is removable, so easy to wash. The enclosed instructions suggest the bags will be moist when removed from the microwave on the first few uses. So we have warmed the bags a few times without the removable cover, and this enables the bags to dry out quicker. </p> <p>The only thing that could have been better, is if we could have chosen a different colour for the free of charge wheat bag, as both bags are exactly identical (in fairness we knew this to be the case when ordering on the website).</p> <p>There is no reason why you shouldn't order from Wheatybags, they appear to provide an excellent customer experience.</p>
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