Pain Relief


Pain Relieving Gifts from WheatyBags® will be so appreciated and last for many years to come. What better gift can there be for a person in pain than something that has been proven time and again to help relieve pain; a gift that supplies comfort and warmth to the area of discomfort and providing instant relief. Heat Packs are great for pain relief, whether this is general pain or a specific targeted area they do work.

All WheatyBags® range of heat packs are made to order in the UK which is how we can offer you the choice of fabric, colour, filling, aroma and best of all as a gift idea, to personalise the product with the name, initials or slogan or phrase of your own choice. We've seen so many messages that have been permenantly put onto the heat packs from simple names, to kind messages; you just know that a kind word seen on a product that provides pain relieving comfort will help the person as they suffer.

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