WheatBags Heat Pack for Blepharitis and Eye Pain Relief

We have several specialist microwave heat packs that are designed to provide soothing comfort and pain relief to Blepharitis and conditions of the eye.

Blepharitis is a common condition that can cause the eyelids to become inflamed, making them red and swollen. The symptoms often include burning, soreness and stinging as well as itchy or crusty eyelids. This can be caused by bacterial infection or a skin complication.

Blepharitis is often a long-term condition but is not usually serious. Whilst there is no cure it is of great importance to try and managed the condition through regular cleaning and pain relief products. Several of our customers who suffer from Blepharitis have used our heat packs to relieve the discomfort caused to their eyes.

We have a range of unique products that are designed for use on the eyes which can be viewed now in our Blepharitis Condition section.