Brand New Printed Fleeces

Here at WheatyBags we pride ourselves on giving customers plenty of choice when it comes to microwave heat packs. We are happy to announce the arrival of several new premium quality printed fleece fabric options for 2013.

The new fabrics are available on the majority of our products and are already proving to be a hit, with the Ludo Coloured Spots and Coloured Check designs complimenting our ever popular Paws and Love Hearts fleeces.

If you are looking for a way to liven up your microwave heat pack then these bold and beautiful coloured patterns would be an excellent choice. The Coloured Check design is a timeless classic as is evident with the prominence of checked designs appearing at many high street fashion retailers. The beauty of checks is they suit both men and women so provide a great neutral option.

The Ludo Coloured Spots fabric is fun and funky, perfect for kids and adults alike who love their bright colours. Spotted prints are another vintage design that seem to be making their way back in to modern fashion and our unique pattern combined with the super soft fleece is a winning combination of comfort and style.

Be sure to check out our wide range of heat packs now available with these awesome printed fleeces. The choice is all yours.